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This · is · my · blood...

some of those who work forces, are the same who burn crosses!

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it rained again today..and i missed him.

i walked to the corner bistro, for a sunday morning scone, when i rounded the corner i saw them. i saw them at our table. he was wiping whipped cream off her upper lip, and laughing at the sweetness of her innocence. seconds, turned into minutes, minutes turned into an hour, and i had watched them for the entire meal. when he rose, he took her hand and led her from the bistro throwing a few hundreds on the table casually. she grabbed her louis vuitton and chased him through the streets, running through pidgeons and laughing at the absurdity of life. i clenched my fists in anger and i approached their empty table, i grabbed my ex boyfriends napkin and inhaled deeply, remembering the masculine scent he always carried. i immediately decided, if i couldn't have him..no one could..

to be continued.

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